Alexa device not responding

This is the best Alexa red ring fix if there is a serious problem with a bad internet connection

It is 20th jan and my 24 sonoff device swiches are not working with amazon alexa

The connection with the WiFi works perfectly, I checked this in my Router and on the Serial Monitor

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He told me to disable the skill in Alexa and remove the smartapp in Mar 23, 2020 · Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and follow the instructions to connect to your Wi-Fi network

Has been working perfectly with Beam, now Alexa says TV not responding

VIZIO assumes no responsibility for such applications and content

Not hearing much audio out of your new surround speakers can be a frustrating experience, but the solution is often quite easy

I follow the steps and make sure my Xbox was fully updated but Alexa still not be able to control my Xbox

Once you have deregistered it, then add it again in the Alexa app as you did before

Alexa one minute can turn the smart plug on HS-100 other times it says it not responding

When I ask Alexa to control a device, it responds with “(device) isn’t responding

If you are not already signed in to Plex, you will be asked to authenticate your Plex account

Not sure about google Alexa Responding with "Device not responding" when Setting Color Temperature Hi there, I have been developing a Smart Home skill for Alexa for a few days now, and it's working quite neatly

Unfortunately we will no longer be making updates to the Alexa integration to resolve this issue

Have checked TV HDMI settings, not changed any settings on the TV

As you add more devices of the same type, Alexa gives them sequential Jun 13, 2018 · How to Link Your Alexa Device to Fire TV: Amazon fire stick with alexa voice control but I do not have Vizio original remote to enter wifi code, am I stuck? How to Connect your Home Security Camera to Fire TV: How to Turn Off Fire TV Cube: How to Fix It When Added Equipments are not Responding to Fire TV Cube Commands Check that your device isn't muted

Any attempt to see a camera (labeled "Driveway" and "Front door") is reported by Alexa as "not supported by that camera"

Oct 19, 2019 · For example, “Alexa, turn the volume down by 10” is different than “Alexa, turn the volume down a bit

Double check whether Kasa App can remotely control the device or not

I spend several hours searching for a solution, but everything I found didn't work for me

Sep 12, 2019 · Alexa can find them just fine and they get added but when trying to control any of the devices Alexa says that the device is not responding and when trying to manually control it it says that the device is malfunctioning


Jan 03, 2019 · Amazon is releasing its Alexa app for Windows 10 today

Before the troubleshooting process begins, you should check if the respective device has internet access

Reboot your router Amazon Alexa cannot work without a Nov 19, 2017 · A few weeks ago i installed two Echo Dot 2 at home

But as amazing Nov 15, 2017 · Just to clarify, what doesn't work is if you give the command "lights on" to the Alexa device that is assigned to a particular group, the Insteon devices in that group don't respond, but Lutron devices do

Sep 27, 2016 · One of the main differences is the dependency on devices to control

The Amazon Alexa-enabled device responds with “device is not found” and will not operate the TV The TV volume doesn't change when using an Amazon Alexa-enabled device Can't change the TV channel with the Amazon Alexa device Check for device or setup issues

Before you begin troubleshooting , make sure your device has power and internet access

However in the past 2 days, Alexa control of my homeseer devices has become extremely unreliable, with Alexa often reporting "the device is not responding"

Technician's Assistant: What have you tried so far? Unplugged and plugged back in

To accomplish this, you’ll need to add Ring as a skill in your Alexa app

Let me show you how to fix the problem Red ring light of alexa shows that your device is having problem understanding your voice and as a result it is not responding to any of the things you are asking it to do

For additional troubleshooting, see Alexa Quick Fixes or Alexa Help

You need the app to set up the device links to begin with, but you could completely remove the app and Alexa would continue to function

To fix issues with your Echo device not responding: Make sure you're using the power adapter that was included with your device

If Alexa still isn't able to recognize your Display / TV's, your router may be blocking the connection between our servers and your TV

Sep 29, 2016 · I usually get a long delay and then Alexa saying, The device is not responding

Press the Alexa button on the nucleus screen of the Echo Show

Mar 21, 2017 · It would appear I’m not the only one who has a soft spot for my Alexa device

I have 2 rooms where there's a number of hive bulbs in a group

When turning on device, alexa says device not responding, although device turns on

They are responding to the app of ewelink but not amazon alexa

You can use Alexa voice commands to perform actions on your Nucleus devices, like placing calls and dimming the screen

For instance,  6 Feb 2020 In case your Echo device is not responding to your commands then try to enable Alexa privacy

Note: Even if you have a Fire Stick instead of a standalone Fire TV, saying “Fire TV” to Alexa will control your device just the same

Before you  3 days ago Alexa says, “Sorry, the device is not responding

If you say your device's wake word but Alexa does not respond, it is likely one of a few common issues

Using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can play music, search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products - all while your smartphone stays in your pocket

As the Echo doesn’t require any batteries in … Home Read More » Open the the Alexa app on your mobile device or the Alexa web app

The pairing worked, the items are discovered, Alexa’s commands get executed (on/off as well as dimming), but with dim commands Alexa complains that the value is out of range or the device is not responding

This Raspberry Pi Alexa however, does come with all the other bells and whistles of Amazon’s very own Echo device as it utilizes the Alexa Voice Service

You can reset your Echo device using the Alexa app on your iOS or Android  8 Mar 2019 Although our experiences with the Alexa-enabled devices have been pain-free If that doesn't help and everything else on the network is working well, you However, discovery and connection isn't always smooth sailing

Then you need to do these things when echo show not responding to voice commands

Resetting Alexa will erase all your settings so be sure this is what you want to do before proceeding

Although most people think of the popular Amazon Echo when they think of Alexa, you can also access the Alexa voice-assistant via the Amazon Fire TV (2nd generation and above), Amazon Tap , and Amazon Echo Dot

2016’s addition of Alexa voice control to the Fire Stick Remote made the device even more powerful, meaning that you now need only ask to see your favourite films or TV shows appear on screen

It doesn’t sound nearly as good as Apr 17, 2018 · If not, contact Amazon for help (once again, open the Alexa app on your mobile device, then go to Help & Feedback, and scroll to Contact Us)

This should solve Ensure that your camera is connected to an Amazon device

I usually get a long delay and then Alexa saying, "The device is not responding

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app shouldn’t break your device links

At first tap, Alexa will get enabled and at the very next tap, it will start listening to you

This will remove the 'Okay' phrase from all of your Alexa devices, replacing the word with a beep

Alexa also has a companion website and companion apps for iOS and Android

If you've got Alexa problems, we're going to try to help you fix it: If Alexa's not working like it should, if your Echo device issues are driving Jun 20, 2017 · Second, you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device

You can dozens of reports highlighting this issue on Reddit or even in the official NVIDIA forum

Or maybe you created an innovative IoT gadget and you want to make it discoverable by an Alexa enabled device

" There are 243 other people on the Amazon Roku Skills  Amazon Echo: Update the software on your Echo device site for full troubleshooting steps to try: If AirPlay or screen mirroring isn't working on your device

Additional Information: Sep 25, 2019 · The Alexa device will say something like “Something went wrong

Dec 23, 2019 · Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, to connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account

May 06, 2020 · The FireStick remote connects to the device via Bluetooth and not infrared rays

Amazon Device Support › Alexa Devices Help › Alexa on Other Platforms› To resolve most issues with the Alexa Hands-Free mode, update the software on For Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, if Alexa doesn't respond, force stop the Alexa app

"Alexa, ask RoboVac (robot name) to find my robot" Troubleshooting

” If this is the case, and everything seems okay with your Amazon-enabled device’s connection, you can troubleshoot your Sensi thermostat With your headphones connected to your device, follow the instructions in the app to setup Alexa

The device might be a light bulb, thermostat, hub, or other device that can be controlled via a cloud based API

Just not very consistent and wondering why? All my other Alexa skills are running f Sep 12, 2017 · Hi, this video shows a very simple fix that can cure many problems on your Amazon Echo

If one of multiple Portal accounts is removed from your Portal, the Alexa app will remain connected on the device

You can check to see if your camera is connected to your Smart Home tab in the Alexa app or alexa

You'll also want to factory reset your Echo speaker if you're selling it, or giving it to someone else

For example, if your product has “iDevices” in the name, Alexa may think you’re saying, “Eye devices” or “I devices” and the command may not register correctly

If not, check your internet access and remote control settings

Speaker Interface not responding to volume change request The only negative to making your Alexa powered device is that it cannot access music services such as Pandora or Spotify

Both were working great for the longest with Alexa, they show power usage when it’s working

You can reset your Echo device using the Alexa app on your iOS or Android smartphone

How to Pair Your SIMPLEconnect WiFi Fan & iOS App; SIMPLEconnect Network Compatibility; Why is Alexa not responding after I renamed my device? Why can’t I find the Hunter Fan skill on my Amazon Alexa app? I asked Alexa to “turn on my ceiling fan” but she responded that I have more than one device with that name

If your Alexa speaker still isn't working after this, you'll want to do a factory reset

When I was a new user of Alexa at that time I also faced many problems with Echo

Integrating Amazon Alexa-supported Devices with Ring Devices Connecting Ring devices to your Alexa-supported device such as Echo Show, FireTV, and Fire tablets is a simple process

Please note that this article is Oct 23, 2018 · UPDATE (3:06 PM EST):Amazon Alexa users are reporting to various outage detection websites that usage is coming back

Android and iOS users can chat with their favorite voice assistant directly through the Alexa app or a third-party app called Listens for Alexa

Dec 28, 2017 · I have the exact same issue, but then controlling a KNX dimmer via openHAB 2

Why does the device’s status Show “Offline” on Alexa? Wireless connection could have been lost

Oct 23, 2018 · UPDATE (3:06 PM EST):Amazon Alexa users are reporting to various outage detection websites that usage is coming back

Please check its network connection and power supply,"  Alexa and Fibaro dont work in Poland

Mar 22, 2020 · The reason Wyze Camera is not responding to Alexa Usually, the problem arises when there's a change on the camera, such as a new name, a firmware update or perhaps some issue with the Alexa skills

Our data is the price of One user tweeted a video of their Echo not working and said, "I think this is where #AI robots start the revolt

Alexa Guard is not a replacement for an alarm system or life safety device and cannot contact emergency services, such as the police or fire department, on your behalf

Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show) please contact Amazon Support directly from their website

2 Dec 2019 The Amazon Alexa is a popular product that seamlessly interacts with smart devices in your home, but what do you do when your LG TV is not  When the master plug device, TV, is turned off, up to 4 other devices (all plugged into the slave outlets on the power strip) turn off (including finally the 4K Fire Stick )  Amazon Device Support › Alexa Devices Help › Alexa on Other Platforms› To resolve most issues with the Alexa Hands-Free mode, update the software on For Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, if Alexa doesn't respond, force stop the Alexa app

For devices without a screen: press the Action button to see if your Echo  12 Sep 2017 In the video the Amazon Echo has become unresponsive and will not ans How to FIX Amazon Echo that has STOPPED Responding 10 BEST Things you can do with your Amazon Alexa Device that You May not Know  17 Dec 2019 Alexa Is Not Responding

If you're having trouble adding your Echo speaker to your network, consider restarting your router

But, keeping the device inside a cabinet or in an enclosure might obstruct the signals

I've rebooted the hub and asked  14 May 2020 If Alexa isn't working, there could be many reasons why

alexa always finds the plug, but it says unresponsive and will not turn the plug on or off

Usually I say ‘Alexa turn on/off mini TiVo outlet’ and sec or two later it works

I have reset and still not working, the remote on the Kasa app works fine though? May 11, 2020 · Luckily, the process is quick and simple

Many individuals claim that their devices are wake but ‘Alexa Not Responding

Troubleshooting: SmartPower Outlet stops responding or needs to be reset If your old SmartPower Outlet (Smartenit) is not responding to commands from the mobile app, or if the LED on the side of the device continuously blinks, reset the device

Click one of the categories below to learn more about the things you can ask Alexa to do: Mar 26, 2018 · Below are some of the more common (and more useful) voice controls you’ll want to use with your Fire Stick device

Jul 12, 2017 · I have a new Alexa and it won't discover my RainMachine

Solution: Alexa Not Playing on Sonos If Alexa says your ecobee device is not responding, it usually means your ecobee has lost connection to Wi-Fi

By doing so, the Alexa start listening again and you can check it by giving voice commands to echo Alexa device

31 Jan 2019 And they're not the only precautionary measures in place

Important: One of your connected C by GE devices must be a C by GE Wi-Fi device in order to enable Google control

Technician's Assistant: Anything else you want the Electronics Expert to know before I Mar 17, 2020 · Alexa will glow orange when the device is experiencing Internet connectivity issues

If your Alexa Device is Not Responding after reset then you have to fix some common issues to deal with this problem

He told me to disable the skill in Alexa and remove the smartapp in If your C by GE smart lights are not responding to Alexa voice commands or the Alexa app, here are some common solutions: Confirm your smart lights and one C by GE Wi-Fi device are connected to the C by GE app

Open the Alexa app or the Alexa Web Portal and go to the settings area by either selection the gear icon in the bottom-right corner, or selecting “Settings from the menu in the upper-left

Sometimes Amazon show App services featured here or on the included IR remote may not be available in all regions

In the video the Amazon Echo has become unresponsive and will not answer any questions, by simply turning it Product name is not understood by Alexa: Depending on what you named your device, Alexa may have a hard time controlling it

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality

If pressing the Voice Assistant button is not activating Alexa correctly, here are a few things you can try: Oct 23, 2018 · UPDATE (3:06 PM EST):Amazon Alexa users are reporting to various outage detection websites that usage is coming back

About 70% of the time, when I say "Alexa, change TV to Channel whatever," Alexa changes the channel, and then reports "The Harmony Hub is not responding," even though it did, and she completed the command perfectly

1 to the most recent and then it stopped giving me the notice altogether

Aug 16, 2017 · On my current setup (just August/Yale locks and the Insignia garage door receiver through Homekit) I have to make sure my iPhone is unlocked, otherwise Siri will respond and let me know

Make sure you have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your device

I have this annoying issue with Alexa, my TV, and my Harmony Hub

May 18, 2019 · Problem 2: Alexa device not responding to voice commands

Go to the detail page for the corresponding smart home skill for a list of compatible devices

Hopefully Amazon will add more settings to this feature soon

Just bought two Amazon echos to after discovering this skill, but immediately after installing, I’m getting ‘The hub Living Room lamp connected to isn’t responding

Guidance says Alexa app/ settings / music/ link new service, which leads to a Spotify button that doesn’t do anything

”) The thermostat’s mode cannot be changed via Amazon Alexa

Viewing Live Activity To view live activity from your Ring doorbell camera or security camera, say: Giving users access to a vast range of entertainment options—including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and many more—it’s easy to see why Amazon’s Fire Stick has become so popular

All device groups which contain Hubitat devices only are showing the problem

21 Jan 2018 Yeelink is not responding" I can control using the app however

On most Echo devices, every time the wake word “Alexa” is detected, the audio is  Error 2: Not Connecting to Smart Devices

With the release and success of the Echo Dot, the future promises more of these personal assistant devices in the future

-My Alexa device groups which contain a mix of Hubitat and ST or Wink devices do not produce the 'not responding' message

In addition to the voice control already built into your Savant Remote, now you can control your Savant Home using any Alexa enabled device

Follow the same steps if you need to set up more Echo devices

May 23, 2019 · -Only Hubitat devices are producing the 'not responding' message to Echo voice commands

If the group contains only Insteon devices, it just tells you the device lights was not found

” Check to see if the iDevices Connected app is able to control the product by confirming you  4 Nov 2018 Although all devices show and respond in the ST app, Alexa says any device I try to activate is not responding

It's not guaranteed to work with all Android devices, but to enable this, you first have to have the Alexa app installed

I tried removing the device and the skill from Alexa, re-enabling the skill and  8 Mar 2017 Alexa "thinks", says "Sorry, device X is not responding", and soon later vera does turn on\off the requested light

When turning off device, alexa says okay, and device turns off

Note: Each Alexa-enabled device will need the Communication and announcements setting enabled and the Do Not Disturb feature turned off

If the device in question is a room sensor, it usually means the sensor has lost communication with the thermsotat it is paired to

It does acknowledge the command where I ask to play music, but doesn't complete the action

Adjustments to mode must be made via the thermostat’s physical display, the SmartThings mobile app, or the thermostat’s native app (if applicable)

I've already done the following: "Forgotten" all devices and re-discovered through Alexa app

If your account does not meet the requirements, Alexa will not be able to stream

If a device status is stuck in a particular state or does not respond to an action, you can try checking the power to your Hub and devices, refreshing the device list, and more

Dec 24, 2018 · What to do when Alexa not responding Sonos or Sonos One Solution: Alexa Not Responding Sonos

However, since around 7 PM CST on 12/13/16 I keep getting "*device* is not responding" when trying to turn them on or off through Alexa

Nothing has changed in Homeseer and the device can be controlled fine in the Homeseer page

More Amazon Alexa how-tos Feb 08, 2019 · Alexa is not responding

This means that the remote and FireStick do not have to be in the line of sight of each other

I can use the names of the individual bulbs, but nothing else

May 02, 2020 · Sep 29, 2018 · Maybe something is cause a major delay on your network and Alexa cannot get the status before timing out and giving the response (sorry the device is not responding)

If they're not, you'll  Alexa will respond with "device isn't responding, please in openHAB, set the item state to not be retrievable

Alexa doesn't respond or says she can't understand you

My internet connection is fine and lights turn off and on via Lutron App, however does not work with Alexa anymore

Remember, Alexa is not doing all the turning on and off, it is the particular app that Alexa must communicate with and Alexa may get a delayed reply from app

4 GHz and I have enabled skills in Alexa and Alexa find the device but still can't manage the devices

There may be some logic to prevent two Echos responding to a request if they both hear it

" When this happens, there is a chance that Control4 will respond

Here are some correct commands: Mar 08, 2020 · ‘Alexa Not Responding’ even if the device is awake

All steps were followed and setup went smoothly, However it is not responding to any commands

Why isn't Alexa responding to my voice commands? There are many instances where Alexa may not respond to your commands

Mar 26, 2020 · The Amazon Echo Dot, now in its third generation, is a mini version of the Echo, and it’s the best Alexa speaker for people who don’t want to spend a lot

Learn how to solve issues with your smart devices not responding or displaying the incorrect status in SmartThings

Nov 19, 2019 · Try to reboot the smart device and re-discover on Alexa

Hi, I've the problem, that my Alexa app doesn't discover the ESP8266, on which I installed the Example Sketch

Mar 14, 2020 · Wait until Alexa welcomes you with a greeting message

White light (Alexa Guard) A continuously spinning white light means your Alexa device is in Away Mode and Alexa Guard is on and listening for any trouble

Bottom line is, do lights go on and off, regardless of the feedback response, and they do

However, Alexa/Beam will still do volume up or down, just won't turn TV on or off

Enter your EZVIZ username/password to authorize Alexa to access your EZVIZ account 5

4K or HDR availability varies by app and may be subject to subscription fees, Internet service, and device capabilities

This article will explain why this might happen and some simple things you can do to boost the volume of the surround speakers

Apr 06, 2020 · Echo Dot not responding to wireless Wi-Fi! Alexa is designed to be used in controlling the light, AC or other electronic items that are used in the home

Simply setup your home just the way you like it, including lights, music, video, shades, temperature, and more, then capture it in a global Savant Scene

Sometimes, some devices are still responding, but it is super flaky

Search for Plex in the search field and select “Plex” from the results

If Alexa doesn't recognize your Display / TV's name, say: "Alexa, discover my devices" or try running discovery in the Alexa app on your smart phone

As a troubleshooting technique, I tried removing the device from Alexa but when I do a discover it doesnt any "new" devices to add

The power cord may not be plugged in correctly, so ensure that  31 Jan 2020 to an Amazon device

But according to some users, they are facing a bug with the Alexa voice assistant

It must be an: Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire TV

These commands and the Nucleus skill will only work on a Nucleus device; you won’t be able to use an Echo or Echo Dot to issue commands to a Nucleus device, for example

Technician's Assistant: What have you tried so far? Un plug/restart

A user also faces this problem on Arlo Pro 2 System and Fire TV 2nd Generation

At the very first, ensure that a small white round light is still flashing on the top of the Sonos speaker? If it’s not, then Mic has been turned off accidentally, just touch the Mic symbol in order to turn it on

The new Alexa skill supports Amazon’s version 3 (V3) of the Home Skill API which provides a much richer set of features for modeling devices for voice control

In that case, you can do the following step to solve the problem of Echo Dot not responding to Wi-Fi

Please check your  19 Feb 2020 Echo Alexa not responding then you should review your device is attached with eligible account unless reset application including customer  If Alexa isn't responding to voice commands in your home, here are a few things to try: First, make sure you're still able to control your devices from the IOTAS  19 Jul 2019 Today's fast tip can help when you get that annoying, "Sorry, device isn't responding

If the speakers are placed in a close distance, then it results in amazon echo not responding due to difficulty in Alexa Echo to hear the command

It is another major problem that the Alexa  2 Jul 2019 Most of the time they're not problems with the devices themselves: it's simply a case of changing settings, or good old user error

Jan 04, 2019 · An Amazon Echo Show’s user has encountered that Arlo camera is not responding to their Echo Show devices

What do I do if Alexa fails to discover my devices? Check if there are any Internet connection problems

Nov 26, 2017 · Alexa answers all my control commands with “smartthings is not responding” and in the app it reports “server is unresponsive”

While the V2 version of the API allowed basic lighting, thermostat and lock The Alexa enabled device, such as Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot, is fully set up

Try to reboot the smart device and re-discover the device on Alexa

Technician's Assistant: What device is frozen? Alexa is not responding

If pressing the microphone  14 Jun 2019 However, Amazon Uses Echo Spatial Perception to detect which devices are closer to you, Alexa device not responding,

UPDATE 06/28/18 8:45 am EDT: Reports of a new Amazon Alexa outage began rolling in early Thursday morning

New users of the NVIDIA Shield are not able to use the Alexa assistant on their device

I have linked my account and Alexa still tells me to link my account, or I have enabled the skill and Alexa tells me the skill is not enabled: You may be using an Echo device that supports household profiles and may not have linked Aug 31, 2018 · When your Echo Alexa not responding to voice, simply disable and enable the Alexa privacy

If necessary, download the Alexa app from Google Play or the App Store, and with your headphones connected to your device, follow the instructions in the app to setup Alexa

Last night I noticed that Alexa can’t control my Philips Hue lights by scene or group

Most of the time the fast solution to fix the problem with a Wyze Camera that is not responding to Alexa is to start all over and do the setup again

Fire TV plugged in but not switched on? Say “Alexa, watch Fire TV 4

Note: Amazon Alexa isn’t available in all languages and countries

also don’t worry about the OS, the app is compatible with both android and iOS

While the app has been available on select Windows 10 laptops recently, today marks its launch in the Microsoft Store for all Windows 10 PCs

Download the manufacturer's companion app for your smart home device, and complete device setup

Anyone have similar problem? 21 Jan 2020 You plan to use your Alexa powered Amazon Echo or Echo device in different ways

Try these steps first: Make sure that your smart home device is compatible with Alexa

Dec 14, 2019 · ), when I would issue commands through Alexa it would pop up a notice in the top right corner of the screen telling me to search with the remote instead of doing what I asked it to do

xda-developers Amazon Fire HD 8 and HD 10 Fire HD 8 and HD 10 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting Alexa not working by hillj284 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers

Alexa Outage map Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, and made popular by the Amzon Echo

Go back to Alexa App menu list and select smart home, under devices you should see all your EZVIZ devices under devices Unlike other recent new Alexa options, like Follow-up Mode, Brief Mode is not controlled on a per-device basis, but rather, as an account-wide setting

Alexa, tell hive to turn the kitchen lights off) it runs through the bulbs one at a time and often misses 1 or 2 bulbs out

And if I try to tell my echo to turn it on it says "sorry the lamp is not responding" I have tried this entire process several times with the same outcome

Don't always believe Alexa when she says a device is not responding

This is most likely happening because your ecobee is not connected to wi-fi or your ecobee mobile app

Mar 23, 2020 · Just got my first smart light which works with Phillips Hue

If not  troubleshoot the problem if Vivint commands for Amazon Alexa are not working

Yesterday morning when i tried to light up the livingroom, Alexa responded ”the device is not responding”

May 06, 2019 · Alexa has been eavesdropping on you this whole time how and even who is listening to us when we use an Alexa device

Therefore, the Echo is hearing the word 'Alexa' but almost immediately hearing Alexa's own voice giving the response

The device will not turn on and does not respond to commands

To reset a first-generation Amazon Echo, press the Reset button (located on the bottom of the device) with a paperclip or other thin object until the light ring on the top of the Echo Dot turns orange, and then blue (about 5 seconds)

May 28, 2020 · If your Alexa speaker still isn't working after this, you'll want to do a factory reset

' Fine, I'll turn off the Jun 27, 2018 · How to Talk to Alexa on Your iPhone and Android Device

Technician's Assistant: What's the brand and model of your product? Echo dot r503qr

But with the study and experience of using Alexa devices, I come to know that there are many basic Here are some steps to try if your Amazon device is having trouble discovering the camera: Ensure that your camera is a Wyze Cam v2 or Wyze Cam Pan

When I go to the phone app it says something like “Waiting on Wyze” instead

Technician's Assistant: What device is frozen? Cant find a model # Technician's Assistant: How long have you had your? 2 years

Dec 17, 2019 · If you say your device’s wake word but Alexa does not respond, it is likely one of a few common issues

If it happens that if alexa do not understand your accent then in this case the voice training equipment can prove to be useful

STEP 2- PLUG IN THE ECHO DEVICE This is probably the easiest step

The main reason of this issue is either problem with wifi or the mic

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon, and made popular by the Amzon Echo

Manage Services has Amazon Music and Tune in added ok, but not Spotify

Go to your Echo device and say "Alexa, discover my devices"; Note: Alexa  Solved: Roku Alexa Skill is not working! I receive an error "Sorry we could not find any devices to link

Reboot your router Amazon Alexa cannot work without a Apr 17, 2018 · If not, contact Amazon for help (once again, open the Alexa app on your mobile device, then go to Help & Feedback, and scroll to Contact Us)

" Alexa can control the Philips Hue lights without any issues

When they ask “Alexa, show me the backyard”, she used to reply “Okay” and show “Waiting for Netgear…” on Echo Show screen

To add a new device, open the Alexa app and tap Devices > Add Device > select the  Step 3: If Alexa not responding to the voice commands, first you need to check that the Echo device is  23 Dec 2019 The microphone button has a symbol of MIC and it is located at the top of the Echo device

Has anyone found a workaround  Connecting Ring devices to your Alexa-supported device such as Echo Show, you say, “Alexa, show the front door camera,” your Echo Show will not work

Please check on the hub’ from Alexa and Server is unresponsive when I try through the app

To check your ecobee’s wi-fi connection, from your ecobee select Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Enabled > Network

Advanced Troubleshooting to Fix Alexa Red Ring Issue: Lastly, if all the above methods have failed given above you can just simply go for advanced troubleshooting of the red ring issue of Alexa

Also tried to talk to Aug 13, 2019 · After a long time in the making I am excited to announce that Amazon has approved the next version of our Alexa app, which is now live and available for use

Correct the language settings in your Echo Device using https://alexa

If your Alexa-enabled device is online, but your Sensi thermostat is offline, when you attempt to command your thermostat, Alexa will say, “I’m sorry, your device isn’t responding right now

I've setup a device group in the Hive Skill as it doesn't seem to be able to see the Hive device groups

However, it's quite strange because, I send a response for the "reportstate" directive from alexa, which seems to be good, and unfortunately, the alexa app keeps showing "device is not responding" and by the way, the state is not correct (my bulb is on and after discovery, alexa app shows it to me off)

Giving users access to a vast range of entertainment options—including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and many more—it’s easy to see why Amazon’s Fire Stick has become so popular

My echo lights up when the advert comes on but then appears to dismiss the alert

I checked the Alexa app today and it says all my Philips Hue scenes and devices (basically the “Philips Lighting” skill) are “unresponsive”

Tap the “Discover devices” tab to allow Alexa discover all your EZVIZ device 6

Viewing Live Activity To view live activity from your Ring doorbell camera or security camera, say: If that's not an option, reinstalling the Alexa app (or upgrading, if you have an old version) may fix the issue

Nov 27, 2019 · Say "Alexa, turn off do not disturb" to get back to normal

I believe Apple makes you unlock your phone to unlock any devices as a security measure

There may be many reasons why your Echo device is not responding

2017-12-30T02:42:01+00:00 Mar 16, 2020 · To enable Alexa privacy you need to follow some simple steps

Sep 06, 2019 · Deleting all devices in the Alexa app, renumerating in ha bridge , and discovering again worked for me , I always had it on port 80 , my last issue was the dim command , was replying with not responding so I created a custom routine of “Alexa dim the lights “ to set the level to 50% (which runs scripts on my server) , my ha-bridge is Nov 22, 2017 · so I have two Smart Power outlet device (ZigBee) that I purchased two-three months back from mydigitaldiscounts

All devices earlier disco Mar 19, 2018 · Tap on the new Alexa Voice Responses menu; Switch Brief Mode on or off by tapping the toggle switch; Brief Mode is found on a new settings page called Alexa Voice ResponsesAFTVnews

Alexa won’t turn on/off the light so I checked the app and it says “Device is unresponsive” Did I miss a step? Oct 31, 2019 · I have had the Alexa "Homeseer SmartHome" skill active and working for the past year

Alexa won’t turn on/off the light so I checked the app and it says “Device is unresponsive” Did I miss a step? Oct 31, 2019 · Step 2: Tap on Echo & Alexa followed by the name of your Echo device

Does Alexa offer free trials of its services? Is Alexa’s data available via an API? Estimated versus Certified metrics explained

Is the Wyze down or just not responding to my requests? Is there a place for me to see the status of the Wyze server

This issue was first reported about a few months ago and is still going strong

” What’s more, this may not actually be an issue with the device in question

Alexa can send you a Smart Alert, via a mobile notification, that allows you to listen to detected sounds through your Alexa app

It doesn’t route things through your phone, other than any Routines that might be using your phone specifically as the output device

Dec 12, 2018 · Alexa not working with Xbox one I recently purchased the Amazon generation 2 echo Dot and was trying to pair it with my Xbox one s

Whenever you issue a command for a given group you have defined in the app, behind the scenes the Alexa service just translates your verbal command into whatever API request is required to implement it and then repeatedly issues that request to the controlling service for each and every individual device in the group

I tested the following things: - Reinstall this and serveal other sketches that I found Your device is now ready to rumble

Step 3: If Alexa not responding to the voice commands, first you need to check that the Echo device is kept a minimum 3 feet away from the speakers

To do this, open your Alexa app, go to 'Settings'  2 days ago After renaming your device in any connected home app, you need to rediscover your devices in the app

It is not fully back but many are able to again use the Amazon Alexa device

In fact, not that I think about it, the times when I used to get that response from Insteon, it was a known issue and they were updating their firmware to try an resolve it, but I Nov 20, 2017 · Alexa requires Spotify Premium accounts for streaming

When this happens, there is a chance that Control4 will respond

An unplugged Echo or internet outage might be the real issue

#Alexa keeps responding 'I'm sorry, something went wrong

Anyone have similar problem? Edited May 20, 2019 by fingusio Mar 21, 2018 · 1

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Why does the device’s status Show “Offline” on Alexa? Your wireless connection might have been lost

However, this device contains many of the problems like Echo Dot not responding with Wi-Fi

As we said, the service is responding and it's Dec 18, 2019 · Control Hulu with your voice when you pair an Alexa device — like an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Voice Remote — with your Fire TV

” Things I tried to resolve the issue, but haven’t worked: Apr 28, 2018 · If you're getting a 'device is unresponsive' message from your device or smart plug it's probably down to a problem with DHCP being assigned by your router

If the purple light is pulsing then there's a Wi-Fi error, try reconnecting the device to Wi-Fi

Now it doesn’t work Alexa says "Sorry Mar 08, 2019 · Go to the Alexa app, tap the Devices icon at the bottom of the home screen and check to see what your camera's name is in the device list

Diag:8022698 Jun 09, 2020 · The Alexa account connected to Portal isn't linked to a particular Portal account

If you have a newer Echo device use the buttons to reset, and if your device has a volume ring, you'll push a reset button on the bottom